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: Power Steering Fluid?

10-08-2010, 11:07 AM
Jeep's a decade ago recommended MS-5931 and then switched to ATF+4 as power steering fluid.

A few years ago, Jeep Switched to MS-10838 standard. My owners manual states to use MoparŪ Hydraulic System Power Steering Fluid (P/N 05142893AA) or equivalent, which meets DaimlerChrysler Material Standard MS-10838.

So what are the Aftermarket Equivalents that meet MS-10838?

I have found fluids that reference MS-5931 as meeting or exceeding. I have found fluids that state they meet or exceed ATF+4 specs, (AMSOIL SYNTHETIC ATF). I even used Redling Synthetic PS Fluid in my 2002 Mini-Van that called for ATF+4, and found it worked better and quiter in cold temp situations.

Only thing I've found so far, is AMSOIL recommends using their Synthetic ATF for PS fluiding in my Jeep Commander. If my commander specified ATF+4 (MS-9602), I'd consider it, but no where in the literature for Amsoil's Synthetic ATF does it state it meets or exceeds MS-10838. MS-10838 is the latter spec, and there is NO clauses about being able to use earlier specs, so its likely the PS System requires a more specific or higher quality fluid than what has been used prevously.

So am I stuck with having to pay through the nose at the dealer for Mopar MS-10838 when I want to flush and replace the fluid in my PS? Any suggestions for alternatives that will give me Confidence that the replacement fluid would met the specs for my PS system?

10-08-2010, 09:32 PM
I'm currently using Amsoil Power Steering fluid in my vehicle. Its been in it for over a year or more and have had no problems. It cut down on the goraning on cold starts during the winter.

10-09-2010, 01:37 AM
Surprisingly enough, I believe Advanced Auto brand fluid states it's compliant. Can double check in the morning, but think I remember seeing that when I replaced my rack.

10-10-2010, 02:18 PM
Thanks Guys,

But I checked the AMSOIL website and they state their Synthetic PS Fluid meets/exceeds MS-5931 and even AMSOIL's own recommendation is to use their Synthetic ATF for PS fluid in the 2010 Jeep Commander, which leads me to believe that the Synthetic ATF is more suitable to the latest PS Systems than their older PS Fluid.

I'm guessing its heat resistance, but really have no idea, but that has been the trend in the latest ATX and PS Systems, they run hotter and are more demanding on the fluid because of that.

I checked Advanced Autos website, it says its brand PS Fluid is for OEM Chrysler and meets/exceeds MS-5932? I don't think there is a MS-5932 spec for PS Fluid from Chrysler, isn't it MS-5931, then MS-9602 (ATF+4) and recently MS-10838.

All the Manufacturers are constantly upgrading their specs for PS Fluid, the generic claim "Meets OEM Specs" does NOT convince me, it may have been true at one time, but I'm NOT convinced until I see in print, meets or exceeds MS-10838.

I'll keep looking, but I think I'm going to play it safe and get the Mopar Fluid if I can't find something that specifically references MS-10838.

I may try AMSOIL Synthetic ATF in my NAG1 Trans, instead of ATF+4, definitely think its applicable for the NV140 transfer case.

10-10-2010, 04:08 PM
You are right; I checked on the bottle of Advanced Auto fluid and it lists MS-5931, guess that's what I was thinking of. But it is what I used when I replaced my rack and everything has worked well.

But let me know how you like the AMSOIL in your transmission. My neighbor is a rep. and has been talking about ordering me some, but I'm hesitant to mess with the MBenz-sourced and "sealed" tranny. Nothing's broke at the moment, and I don't want to change that, but on one of our COLD nights last year the tranny was really sluggish on startup, so I thought some new/better fluid could alleviate that.

10-10-2010, 11:13 PM
Our Family Vehicle before the Commander, was a 2002 Grand Caravan with the notorious 41TE/A604 Trans. Most people have that trans go out around 60k miles, if NOT often earlier.

I changed the fluid every 30k miles, and did the home flush (many do it, just run the cooler return to a bucket, idle the motor and pour in new fluid as the old pumps out).

My mini-van 41TE/A604 is still going strong at 181k miles.

Probably the biggest factor, I installed a Trans Temp Gauge and monitored and took action to keep trans temp down to reasonable levels. Without, there would been many times I overheated that trans.

I considered switching from ATF+4, to AMSOIL, several folks on Mini-Van boards said they had and got good results. Thing that swayed me away, Chrysler specially developed ATF+4 for the 41TE/A604, as well as ATF+, ATF+2 and ATF+3. They finally got it right by going Synthetic with ATF+4.

The Fact the AMSOIL Synthetic ATF is multi-vehicle and claims to meet/exceed specs for a variety of fluids including ATF+4, had me a little suspicious. I wasn't convinced it was really formulated to meet everything Chrysler specified for the 41TE/A604. I played it safe and stuck with ATF+4.

Now the Transfer Cases, that was DexronII for years, I'd think the AMSOIL Synthetic ATF would work great, if ATF+4 or DexronII was specified.

The W5A580? I'm NOT sure, is ATF+4 really necessary for the Trans? I know ATF+4 was specifically designed for the troublesome 41TE/A604. Chrysler started using ATF+4 for everything, part as a cost savings because they were buying it so much in bulk and part because it was superior to all the other ATF's they used and would work better with in any ATF application then what they you've used before.

My guess, the W5A580 would run fine with AMSOIL Synthetic ATF, but sure would like someone else to be the guinea pig for me. Also like to know if anyone had tried to do the DIY Flush, where you run the cooler return to a bucket and pour in new fluid as the old is pumped out.

But the Steering Rack? I suspect the Jeep Steering Rack is turning out like the 41TE/A604 trans, Chrysler came up with a better fluid to help address the problems. Since no one has put in writing their fluid meets/exceeds MS-10838, I thinks it probably best to stick to the Mopar Fluid.