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: front brakes popping/clicking?!?

07-22-2011, 01:10 PM
I changed my pads about one month ago (each wheel). I had previously changed my front rotors the last time I changed the pads about 40k miles previous, so I did not replace the rotors this time. Pads replaced, went on fine (used stop squeak). After putting the wheels back on and priming the brakes I took it for a quick spin to make sure all was okay and didn't notice any noise...

A few days go by and I start noticing a popping sound from the front brakes every time my direction of travel changes (forward/reverse and reverse/forward). The popping sound is ONLY heard the first time I tap the brakes after changing directions.

It made me nervous, so I pulled the front wheels back off and inspected all the parts. Everything was where it was supposed to be. I also confirmed I had the right pads. Just in case I disassembled and reassembled. Again, a few days go by and I don't hear anything, now, again, I am hearing a popping sound.

I saw a post relating to BMW's and Toyota's saying this was normal for free floating brake calipers (but this is my sixth car with floating calipers). I talked to the auto parts store (who also has a mechanic shop) and they kind of shrugged and said "don't know, could be the calipers are bad." One, I don't like to pay someone to work on my jeep. Two, I can't afford the price gouging (even at the local mom and pop shop).

Any thoughts? I noticed a TSB for an issue with bad calipers, but my jeep was built the month before the vehicles included in the recall... Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

07-22-2011, 11:28 PM
i replaced the rotors on all four corners and have been getting that same click/pop during direction change as well. it's been about 5 months now and i've noticed no ill effects i used the same brand/part number of ceramic pads that hadn't resulted in the click before the rotor swap. i suppose this isn't an answer so much as someone, who's by no means claiming to be an "expert," saying the exact same thing has happened to me and seems "normal" - annoying at times, but that's about it.