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: 06' 5.7 won't lock or unlock with button on key

06-07-2012, 05:31 PM
So, two days ago I got out of my Jeep and pushed the lock button on the key and nothing happened. I tried it a couple more times and nothing. It was during the day and in a pretty nice neighborhood so I decided to leave it unlocked. Later that night I got home and it wouldn't lock again so I locked it manually by pushing the lock button on the door. The next morning I go outside to go to work and the Jeep won't unlock. So I decide to go the old fashioned route and stick the key in the door and unlock it and open the door. This triggered the alarm to go off. I have a 160 decibel train horn which was installed about 6 months ago on my Jeep. Due to my shock that the alarm was going off I tried pushing buttons on the key with no luck and it took me a good 10 seconds to jump in and start the Jeep causing the alarm to turn off. In that 10 second period I'm fairly certain that my Jeep woke up everyone in my neighborhood and probably the next town over.

So, I decided that I better get this issue resolved. I drove to Walgreens to buy a new battery for the key. When I get to Walgreens I get out of the Jeep hit the lock button on the key and it locks. It also unlocked when I got back outside. I changed the battery in the key anyways. Drove to work and it successfully locked using the button on the key on my way in. When I came back outside around lunch time it wouldn't unlock. This time I was prepared and the alarm only sounded for a couple seconds before I got it started. When I got home I tried the spare key to lock the Jeep. No luck.

So, it isn't the battery in the key because that's brand new. It isn't the wiring in the key because both keys are having the same issue. Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue? I have searched the forums and have not seen anyone else with the same problem I am having.

06-07-2012, 11:29 PM
The harness that holds the battery in place has 3 points of contact-if one of those are loose, or broken, it will intermittenly work. If your keys hit the ground, this could happen. I unscrewed and popped the key fob open, remove the battery and had to solder the harness back to the board. A very tedious job, but it worked. This metal bracket should be soldered left, right and center. If any of these are not tightly connected in place, there's your answer.