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Originally Posted by psnoeber View Post
I have the FOBIK key, actually its brand new since i recently got the recall taken care of for the ignition. I do believe they put in a whole new ignition cylinder. I would like to mention this issue happened intermittently before I had the recall work performed. I am not sure how to go about the trouble codes, is this something the dealer can do or can a place like AutoZone do it. I know there are some codes only the dealership can pull. The battery connections are solid as this was my first thought and I should have mentioned it in my original post. I guess it could be a potential ground issue but it just seems odd that every time it happens it only affects the 3 items (compass, blower, airbag).
The FOBIK is a radio receiver/transmitter with three small low current switches. I suppose if those switches went bad, it could trigger the controlling module to turn things on/off.

Unlike older ignition switches that actually turned big heavy duty contacts to turn on the power.

But you said its only three things, not a lot of things, which a central source like the ignition switch would surely kill many things NOT just one.

Have you considered you have 3 separate problems? The compass going out might NOT be power at all, but instead a sensor problem.

You may have a blower motor going bad, or bad wiring to the blower motor. Usually, the resister that controls the speed has a thermal shutdown protection and dirty cabin filters or blocked air passages can trip that thermal shutdown.

The Airbag, the gov requires a six sigma statistical reliability in a system that sits for decades without use, just on standby. They have to develop ridiculously exacting self-tests to meet engineering standards for that statistical reliability. A bad clockspring, dirty or corroded connector can cause the light to AirBag warning light to come on for failing the self-test.

Reading Codes, search youtube for a video about the Chrysler Key Dance. Its turning the key on/off 3 times to end at "ON" without starting the motor, the trouble codes will read out in the EVIC. That will show you all the codes that the Autozone cheap scanner can read.

In the last 15 years, all the manufacturers have expanded on OBDII (which was mandated by the government), for all these extra features and equipment. But, since these are extended features that the Gov didn't mandate, or safety features that the gov didn't mandate easy reading of the trouble codes like OBDII, all the manufacturers do their best to keep the trouble codes from the owners to force them back into their dealerships and pay through the nose for service they could do themselves.

Trouble codes for the Air Bag are definitely proprietary, you'll need a far more expensive tool than Autozone has to find the code. The Dealer, a big independent shop or buying a $500+ tool is needed to find out the AirBag codes.

All the manufacturers do this, and they hope you'll just do what you're probably thinking, curse and swear and then just give up and go to the dealer and take out a loan to pay for them to fix it.
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