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Conversation Between Big Blue and jlmank33
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  1. Big Blue
    07-20-2018 08:49 PM - permalink
    Big Blue
    Hey Jason, I've never done anything with my differentials other than having the gear oil changed in both front & rear differentials & replacing my front upper differential bushing. Sorry I can't be more of a help, but that's all that I have had any experience with in that department.

    Big Blue
  2. jlmank33
    07-20-2018 08:43 PM - permalink
    Hi Blue,

    Sorry to bother, but I have a question. I just rolled over 100,000 on my Commander. I am getting the rumbling noise in the rear. I took it to the dealership and they said that the rear differential needs rebuilt. The estimate the dealership gave me is $1300. I believe I read in the past forms you had to get yours done before. Did you upgrade anything with yours? If so, what did you upgrade and why? Not sure if I need to upgrade anything while they have it open or if there is even anything to upgrade. If you could message me back with any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank You!
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