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  1. Problems with back up sensor
  2. 2006 hemi ignition problem
  3. Removed Dash, Now CAN Communication Problems
  4. Electronics bellied up!
  5. Language Problem after fitting PAC C2r-CHY4
  6. Drivers side window will not roll down
  7. NEW Original Pioneer DDJ SZ..$850/Pioneer AVIC 8000nex..$700/Numark Ns7ii..$700
  8. new to the forum. 2006 commander ???
  9. Installing an aftermarket video display
  10. How many phones can connect to uconnect at the same time?
  11. Error Codes P2096, P0133, P0420
  12. Both Digital Displays on Instrument Panel not Working
  13. Double Din
  14. 2007 Factory Nav Headunit
  15. want an overhead RES
  16. Radio with aux input
  17. computer issues radio/back up sensor/windows oh my
  18. Cell Phone Mount and HAM Install
  19. Confused about nav upgrade
  20. Added LEDs to cargo floor
  21. Using factory amp with no head unit?
  22. Cargo light bulb, british code?
  23. Anyone Used this Headunit?
  24. Front Door Speakers
  25. Cabin lights dim when hazard lights blink
  26. Looking for a top windshield LED light bar..
  27. Remote wire for subs
  28. Low beams won't work
  29. Stupid choice. I need help.
  30. Everything turns off and on but engine stays running. Intermittent Starting too.
  31. Possiable HID and LED light bar
  32. Pedal adjust failure and reverse disable question
  33. Stock Commander Radio Question
  34. pedal adjust motor gets current, d/n work
  35. climate control diagnostic procedure & DTCs
  36. What cell-phone holder do you use?
  37. Brake switch Code/Check Engine Light
  38. CD Changer
  39. actuator clicking maybe from bad climate control panel?
  40. Left tail light out, left front marker OK?
  41. U1411 and other electrical issues
  42. Driver Seat Memory
  43. Day Night Auto Color
  44. no power to blower switch
  45. Thinking about HALO
  46. OBD II and my glowplugs
  47. Auto headlights w/n work after fixing panel lights
  48. Keylless Entry not working - NOT the FOB
  49. Additional tv screens
  50. LED Light Bar
  51. Long Range Emergency Communications Set
  52. Factory Radio Swap to Factory radio with sirius
  53. '08 RER AUX Input Jack INOP
  54. Can i put kenwood dnx5220bt on my jeep.
  55. 08 Commander CB help!!!
  56. Whipper and signals not working
  57. 2006 Commander Remote Start
  58. Remote start for 2010 commander
  59. 2006 Jeep Commander will not Start
  60. Driver side control panel
  61. NAV screen blackout ... REJ UK repair??
  62. This has got me stumped?
  63. Service park assist system
  64. Tail Light out but Brake on
  65. Parasitic battery draw
  66. 08 Aftermarket Radio Harness (No Boston Acoustic)
  67. Replacing the Rain Sensor on the front windshield
  68. Radio/NAV screen blackout
  69. Definitive dash light replacement thread
  70. want to upgrade to in dash nav
  71. Anti theft code - Rec navi/radio
  72. Tang Band 6x9 woofers in front doors
  73. Climate Control Dash Lights
  74. ESP problem? loud clicking from dash
  75. key fobs would not unlock vehicle
  76. 2007 6 button remote pad
  77. Saving "My Trails" data and transfering it from Jeep to another?
  78. 2007 upgrade to mygig
  79. Front differential lockers
  80. iPod/MP3 hookup in place of VES
  81. Cruise Control Default Setting
  82. Polk Audio DXi6501/DXi651 Speaker Upgrade
  83. where can I get a repair/upgrade kit for my alternator?
  84. Dash lights
  85. MyGiG GPS Tracking
  86. Remote Start for 2006 Commander (4.7)
  87. HDD hard drive
  88. anybody know about flashing an amp?
  89. Radio Questions
  90. Why did my front door speakers go out?
  91. Replacement for Factory head unit with VES
  92. External audio question
  93. 2006 Trailer Harness Questions not covered in other threads
  94. Power Locks only work with vehicle running
  95. Starting problem with 2006 Commander
  96. Logging roads and Jeep trails
  97. Blower moter resistor 2006 commander
  98. Where i can find one of this?
  99. Speaker install in rear cargo headliner
  100. Shift Indicator not lighting up
  101. Error Reading DVD-ROM
  102. Commander Limited 2008 Audio Issue
  103. Cat Converter and P0430
  104. new keys with new ignition switch?
  105. Aftermrket radio/gps
  106. 2010 Commander GPS work with 2006 Commander?
  107. cruise control help asap
  108. Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) only?
  109. HELP What do I need to play iPod in my 07?
  110. windows
  111. A/C blower motor issues
  112. GPS recommendations for trail use
  113. factory radio with droid
  114. anybody installed a license plate mounted camera?
  115. BLackvue Dash Cam Install - Looking for 12V
  116. '06 black navi screen and left side and bottom buttons dont work.
  117. OEM wiring harness for aftermarket amp
  118. Have BA/NAV want upgraded speakers
  119. Nav error help, and watch DVD in Nav?
  120. Auto Headlamps (Unsolved??)
  121. 2006 Jeep Commander OEM Radio Compatibility
  122. New OBD 2 scanner! I need help
  123. headlight switching
  124. Remotes not working or low range
  125. Nav?Sat radio probolems
  126. Installing Wires from trunk to head unit.
  127. LOW VOLTAGE in right park lamp/turn signal circuit - HOW?!
  128. Aftermarket Amplifer
  129. HIDs + parking lamp relay issue = dead LED turn signals
  130. Amp question
  131. After market head unit install
  132. Baffled: can't change display on OBC
  133. fun with in dash navigation splash / bootup screens - Pioneer AVIC
  134. 3.7L Electric Radiator Fan 24/7 Use
  135. Playing music off phone through radio?
  136. turn signal buzzer
  137. Radio no sound (not same as previous poster)
  138. Big Three Kits FS
  139. iPhone and stock REC head unit
  140. REC NAV hack dvd
  141. LEDs Installed/They wont shutoff
  142. Auxilary Input
  143. Power outlets not working
  144. SQ sound stage build
  145. Panel lights pulse from emergency vehicle strobes?
  146. LED Conversion - Dash / Instrument Panel Buttons
  147. ESP/BAS, panic, no start
  148. I made a boo boo
  149. Remote Start Engine Light
  150. How to use iPod through ves system??
  151. Red Lines on Nav Screen
  152. Dual Batteries Installed in Engine Bay - Optima Yellow Tops
  153. Radio changing stations by itself
  154. radio display dim in daylight
  155. replacment of rej radio
  156. Can I download music FROM the Uconnect radio?
  157. VES Overhead Display Quality
  158. GPS Mounting Location.
  159. Quirky lights in stereo
  160. Help.... Dashboard lights
  161. front speakers, replaced logically
  162. Jeep wont start... At all...
  163. UK 3.0L diesel dash light issue...
  164. pcm battery feed problem
  165. Tough Question: UPGRADE to 5-Button/Sentry Key with Remote Start
  166. windows locks mirrors issue
  167. Heater/ac fan will only work on high speed when below -25
  168. Strange window behave
  169. Guess what I got Guess WHAT I GOT!
  170. 2010- electric problem, radio and heat go out when cold
  171. Rain Sensing Wipers
  172. Sirius Hardwire Install - '07 Jeep Commander
  173. What wiring harness to use for Boston acoustic system no NAV.
  174. Off-road and Auxiliary Lighting 101
  175. Found a really nice switch panel for the dash cubby
  176. heat/ac control,misfunction
  177. 06 REC issue
  178. Remote Start Not Working
  179. Installed Pioneer AVH-P3300BT and now have extremely poor radio reception
  180. 2007 Commander Limited Bluetooth Issue
  181. Big 3 Upgrade
  182. Indash computer problems
  183. How to change C/T button light?
  184. HELP! I have a remote starter?!?!???
  185. Dash lights/Steering Wheel lights.
  186. Do i need an adapter to install a 2 Din in a 2007 JC
  187. 2006 Jeep Commander drivers side window,lock,power window problem
  188. Back up camera issues
  189. After Market Remote Start Question
  190. 2008 Jeep Commander Map Update Question
  191. Need Help with radio in my 2008
  192. 'Alarm' message on radio display
  193. Replace REJ unit?
  194. Door lock won't work
  195. The experience of buying BDM FRAME with Adapters Set Fit original FGTECH
  196. Rear fogs dont work, what to check?
  197. Identify this antenna
  198. ipod integration question?
  199. help with wiring in DRL
  200. Pioneer White Noise
  201. 4" Infinity Kappas installed in dash with pics and how to
  202. NAV updates?
  203. Help with door speakers!
  204. Double Din Install
  205. installing oem gps in base commander?
  206. 3.5" jbl 3ohm speakers
  207. 08 reverse camera
  208. Electrical Issue
  209. Left side audio randomly dies
  210. Unknown Beeping
  211. Adjust computer for tire size on 3.7??
  212. Activating NAV on MyGig
  213. 05 with elecrtical gremlins.
  214. Radio turns on w/no sound.
  215. interior lights wont go off. had to disconnect battery
  216. Navus on dash install and review...ugh
  217. Casing for my aux jack has broken out.
  218. Upgrading speakers.....sub too?
  219. latest NAV dvd
  220. Is it worth upgrading just the front BA speakers to Kickers?
  221. Dealer coding options
  222. PAC C2R-CHY4 Radio Replacement Interface for Chrysler
  223. VES on satellite navigation
  224. Coastal Electronics-heads up
  225. 2ohm speaker options
  226. Changing Navigation
  227. Rear VES not working
  228. early rec nav keeps rebooting !!wierd!!
  229. After market vs. factory overhead monitor
  230. Antenna Issue
  231. Going to order stuff for radio + sub install today! Need help...
  232. speaker making noise like a cd spinning
  233. Replacing Tweeters
  234. Need help. MP3 problem...
  235. 06 Commander and Viper SmartStart System
  236. After market headunits.
  237. Steering wheel controls not working???
  238. What are the best options
  239. Power Outlets
  240. DVD Audio Question
  241. Dash lights flicker - ignition switch problem??
  242. RAQ radio display quits on one station
  243. Upgrade to Nav
  244. Jeep computer
  245. Lockpick in motion problems
  246. BA speaker upgrade questions
  247. Superchips 3875 Settings?
  248. Dead Factory Radio - Going on Vacation -Help!
  249. Replacing the AMP damage head unit
  250. Pandora radio and mygig