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  • HueyPilotVN ·

    Give me a call when you have a few minutes to talk.

    I tried to call your and Janet's phones.


    xSnappy2 ·
    Good Morning!

    I am new to Jeep ownership (2007 Jeep Commander Limited) as well as this forum. We would like to tow a small(er) "couples coach" travel trailer with our Jeep. Our Commander has the 5.7 Hemi and factory tow package, so, if my research is correct, it should tow 7200# max. We are looking at travel trailers with around 4500# dry weight and 6500# max GVWR. My question is regarding max length for safe towing. We found a 2012 Aerolite 25RGBS that is 28' long and meets the weight limits. I am thinking this would be about as long as I would be comfortable towing. We plan on installing an Equal-Izer hitch and a brake control, as well. I am looking for thoughts and opinions on whether this would be a safe and doable combination. Thanks for your input!
    Comman-deered ·
    Greeting Mr. 49er
    A quick question on your RR lift. I keep hearing that the OME 2" is better. If you had to do it all over again (+ the extra few hundred $$) would you stick with the RR or go with the OME? I like the idea of the extra 1/4" with the RR and from what I can tell, the OME doesn't guarantee a full 2". Any thoughts? Thanks brother!
    zreckman ·
    Im a new member,
    Looking to put on a lift, Just went to my store
    they told me they advised against lifting my commander because it is awd.
    I would like a 2in rough country lift. And then new tire before winter
    ether bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 or bfgoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A
    255/70/R17, and 265/70/R17 with spacers, I don't want to do any body trimming

    My commander is my daily driver. I drive alot for work.

    I really want to lift it. Im worried that I drive 500 highway miles a week for work, will the vibrations be to bad.

    Any help would be amazing.
    cico7 ·
    how about a virtual superbowl party, everyone on instant messanger. They cross communicate dont they?
    Bombi ·
    Hey i just got your rims with some sweet micky thompson's but i'm with a very poor gas milage, something like 8.5 mpg. What about you? Any suggestions to save some in gas?
    mwb9122 ·
    Work is installing a Mobile computer into my 07 commander. v6 model. The mount will be bolted to the passenger side floor just in front of the seat. Just wondering if there is anything They need to be worried about while drilling the holes for it? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
    taterhead ·
    Hey bud, I just bought a set of 4 rain guards/window visors for my 07 Jeep Commander and they are the in-channel type. When they showed up I took them out of the box and from the outside they look great ready to install, I did a dry fit and saw that looking from the inside out they look distored and scratched and distort the images I look at from the inside out. But again, they look fine from the outside in. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this before, if they are supposed to come like this or I might have just gotten a bad batch or something. I already emaild the company (toys for trucks) and waiting to hear back from them. the brand I bought was Stampedz snap-in's and bought them for like 85 bucks.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance.. nate
    kingjoe ·
    hello! i just put a 3.5in lift on my commander and i need to find some rear shocks that r 2-3in longer then you know what i can use?please msm me on my page.
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