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  • jpnichols ·
    I believe that I have rectified my profile issue and was trying to post an intro post, but it wasn't posted. Was it deleted?

    Jim Nichols
    Brickey ·
    thank you for the reply Big Blue. i did find a detailed picture of the interior and exterior fuse's and relays..oh and circuit breakers. 2006 jeep commander xk pdc & interior fuse block shows location of all fuses, relays and the three circuit breakers
    and tells the user the circuits they control. Thank You again for the help.
    CommanderNJ ·
    Hi Blue, Sorry for dropping the ball on the for sale posting I had for my Commander. Things got a bit insane on my end and did not log in even though I was checking the board from time to time. Truck still has not sold though. Again please accept my apologies and let me know if I can re-post the truck.
    DanielDD ·
    Big Blue - I see you are by far the most frequent person who replies to everyone's thread. I appreciate your dedication to everyone and that you take the time to respond to all the threads. However, I don't know if you will be able to keep it up - its a big task.

    Are there not many people who post/respond to this forum anymore?

    Thanks for all you do..

    jeepers creepers ·
    I’m sorry, I thought it was filled out already and updated... I just went and made sure it’s updated.
    Thank you for letting me know, appreciate that!
    daekim ·
    Hi there,
    New member to this awesome forum! I have some parts I would like to sell. I bought an 2008 Overland, want to go in a different direction (style wise) and would love to post it on the forum. Do i need to get approval from you? I tried posting in the for sale section but it's telling me that I can't. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for this awesome forum for Jeep Commander enthusiast!
    johnc ·
    I was looking a 2016 post by you concerning intake and exhaust. You said you were going to install an intake and exhaust when returning conus.
    Did you get that done? How did it go?
    Extra HP?
    Extra MPG?
    Skyrider08 ·
    Hi, your front bumper is awesome! I'm sure you have the details in this forum, can I purchase the same? Pain to install? Appreciate if you can point me to where I can find info.

    breister ·

    Registered a day ago, even read the required info post and updated my profile, but cannot post.

    What am I missing? Just want to know if anyone knows of a shop in north Atlanta with actual experience in dual HVAC repairs.

    Blue skies,

    Bill Reister
    fish4drum ·
    Big Blue,
    From fish4drum, a newby.
    Being new to this site, I am unaware where is the best place to look for help. I Have used Dodge Durango forums and quite familiar with them. However, this site is a little different than what I am use to. Where do I look for instructions on how to meander through this site for best results and ask for assistance on my 06 commander issues?
    chaaz01 ·
    Hey there "Big Blue" really appreciating the forum since I started prepping my new mander for winter.

    I have been studying lots of articles on lift kits.

    I looked at your side profile of your truck and said to my self - thats all I really want.

    I think you stated that yours has 265s with a 2" lift?

    The RC sales person stated their lift is not as much of a lift than a leveling solution.

    If the mander already has a front rake, then lifting each end 2" would just increase overall height and keep the rake.

    I thought a 2" leveling lift would be like a 3.5" front lift and 2" rear lift - because the 2" was really needed for the rear to clear the larger wheels.

    Now, imagine my head spinning with confusion.

    All I really wanted was to put some Rubicon 275 BFG-AT's on it.

    Like I said, your rig looks like it is what I want to end up with - nice job !

    I wondered if you could spare 5-10 min to talk about what you did on the phone?

    Kind regards, Chuck
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