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  • xavier999 ·
    Hi - great forum. I am trying to post a new thread, but dont seem to have sufficient privelidges. Can you help, is there something I am not doing correctly?

    Many thanks
    jlmank33 ·
    Hi Blue,

    Sorry to bother, but I have a question. I just rolled over 100,000 on my Commander. I am getting the rumbling noise in the rear. I took it to the dealership and they said that the rear differential needs rebuilt. The estimate the dealership gave me is $1300. I believe I read in the past forms you had to get yours done before. Did you upgrade anything with yours? If so, what did you upgrade and why? Not sure if I need to upgrade anything while they have it open or if there is even anything to upgrade. If you could message me back with any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank You!
    2010 inferno ·
    Blue, as far as I know I have updated my info, but when I sign on to the site I just go to new posts as I most likely have read all of the old posts short of a search. When I go to new posts there is no mention of upgrading your info, this might help in getting us older timers to reup our info.

    just a thought.

    mebagelmaster ·
    Good day,

    Since you seem to be continuing the TAG bumper, issue, would you have any details to the installation process and how much was cut out between the tubes?

    goforfish ·
    It is a 4x4 Quadra-drive II , Blue. It dropped the Valve at around 129K. Now are 131K.
    Have some pics but, appears I need to link to a url to post them. I do not have them online at this time..
    fuumanstu ·
    Big Blue.... I watched a video on the tube showing a guy removing the front hub wheel bearing assembly with the axle still attached... is that necessary? do you have any experience in the front hub removal?

    Thank you.
    Vandalls commander ·
    Have small vibration after lift does anyone drop the transfer case a touch like I'm wanting to do. Also wonder about the cheap dual air intake on eBay an adding the bully dog to my 5.7.. Any suggestions. Vibration def from u joint everything under front end new w the lift..only went 3 up front bout 2 1/2 n rear
    Commando75 ·
    Hi ,

    Thank you for answering me back. Yeas, I realize these trucks are getting older and subsequently people are dropping off.

    I am grateful for the people that are still posting and helping eachother out.

    For some reason, I cant post or reply publicly anymore?

    My one concern with the OME lift, is well, its not enough lift. LOL

    I've had a few OME lifts over the years (xjs yjs) and they are great , but never enough lift.

    The gentlemen that is running the 2" ome with 255's doesnt look that big over stock.

    Sometimes I think I shoudl just go 4" superlift and be done.

    This is my DD, so I'm torn.

    I also have a wrangler unlimited rubi so I really dont need to go nuts with the commander, but I really, really like the commander and think its a great rig.

    Thank you,

    ChoppJeep ·
    I have an 06 5 disc changer that I'm swapping out any day. Just grabbed a Bluetooth hamdsfree unit and got sick when i heard the harness price but if ur interested I'm selling my stock radio. 5cd I think.. food for thought. Lemme know
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