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  • HueyPilotVN ·
    I left the camera in the stock position. My spare is mounted somewhat to the right of center and the camera works somewhat. The 5 gal gas can also is in the way somewhat.
    robby ·
    Got your messages GP.
    No worries....our paths will cross at some time down the road.
    I hope your 2010 is easier on you than 2009 was.
    Take care,
    GPintheMitten ·
    Hey, Lebo. We're good. Did you see my visitor message? For tires and lifts I'll look for that sticky post and let you know. I think you might find it helpful.
    BigBoss84 ·
    Hi GP! I just wanted to check in to say Howdy! How is everything in the Northern half of the States? Starting to get cold yet? Hope all is well
    GPintheMitten ·
    Hi Drako and Mike,

    ??? I never know where to post replies to Visitor Messages...on my page or yours?? Oh, well...

    Thanks for the expressions of sympathy on the loss of my brother, and for the invites to go off-roading at Drummond and The Mounds.
    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with time crunch to do everything I've committed to lately, so I think I'll have to skip the off-roading for awhile. But I thank you for inviting me. Maybe later in the fall???

    I find with losing my brother, and trying to help his three sons get through this emotionally, and then also being his executor, I'm just plain old tapped out right now. And going to the boat to relax when I get some spare time just fits my state of mind right now.

    CommanderDrako ·
    Hi GP, what's up? I haven't heard from you for a while, I hope everything is well! When are we going to do any offroading again? Have you considered going to drummond island? Let me know....
    spider9905 ·
    I have a 2007 4.7 4x4 commander. I am moving back to Canada and live in the mtns and want to put a lift on it. I was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction as what brand works best with the truck. Should I get knew shocks as well with the lift and do I have to do any other aftermarket stuff to it(steering, struts, etc) besides tires. What should an average job like this cost and where does a guy get it done?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

    CommanderDrako ·
    I haven't installed the lift yet, i bought a 22" wheels so i don't know if i will install the lift or just return it. I would love to go and play in the mud but my wife just had a back surgery, maybe in the next 2 weeks it will be alright. Where do you want to go playing?
    dustin4usc ·
    Hey GP need some help again?

    Here's mine. Just finished it today.

    Lift height: 2"
    Lift Brand: Rusty's 2 inch without Rusty's shock
    Shocks: stock
    Rims: Stock Chrome Clad
    Rim Size: 17x7.5"
    Tire Brand: Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor
    Tire Size: 255/75 R17
    Spacers: Yes
    If Yes - Spacer Brand: Spidertrax
    Spacer Size: 1.5"
    Any wheel well rubbing issues: No
    % of highway/offroad driving: 95/5 but expect this to change
    Overall rating of your lift: I am very happy with it. These tires are what I would consider about max diameter for this lift 32.1 inch tires.

    Did you do any cutting or trimming on yours? i saw your post and you said no rubbin with the 255/75 tire
    OffFishn ·
    Hey GP, yes thanks I will take them. I've been trying to get a hold of a guy at work who lives up in that area, to see if he could bring them down for me. I'm out of state 5days a week! and email is spotty. Are you in a hurry to get them out of the garage? ed
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