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  • medina111178 ·
    Hey Sal, Please join my social site on my page. I need some knowlageable people to join. and from all the post ive seen of yours, your just the kind of guy i need. ttyl
    jay in nb ·
    Sal, sorry tobother you but i know your familiar with the Commander, i changed by sway bar bushing due to noise, solved the problem for a month or so and now rattling sound, can i disconnect the end links and drive around to see if the problem is the end links without ripping the brake lines out due to the extra flex there might be
    medina111178 ·
    Hey sal, thanks for the link on fb about the hitch the other night. would you happen to know anything about HID conversion kits been wanting to get some but, have heard alot of negetive feedback on them.
    JulesJ186 ·
    Hey! Nope- never made it out, sadly =( Went on vacation, then work has been insane. I still plan to make it sometime this summer though. How'd your trip out there go?
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