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My new daily driver and project
My parents bought this Jeep back in 07 because my lil sister was born. Eventually I would need a car for work and college. So further down the line I was gifted this beautiful Jeep Commander I call Pearl. I love this car.
A round of cosmetic updates for my trusty ol' Jeep
Stock 06 Commander Ltd 4x4 5.7L Hemi. It’s got issues ... :/
Bought about 2 weeks after Hurricane Harvey in Lafayette LA. Discovered they bought it at an auction in my home county!
Beautiful brick red 07' Commander limited. 2 owner, I'm thre 3rd and last. Love my grocery fetcher?
2007 Jeep Commander Limited trail rated 4x4 (Silver)
2006 Jeep Commander (Silver)
2006 Jeep Commander Limited, 5.7L (Dk. Khaki Pearl Coat)
2008 Jeep Commander (Silver bright)
2009 Jeep Commander 4x2 (Silver)
2006 Jeep Jeep Commander CRD Limited (Silver)
2007 Jeep Commander Limited 5.7L Hemi (Red Rock Crystal Pearl)
2006 Jeep Commander (Steel Blue)
2019 Jeep Cherokee (Pearl white)