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Modern Blue Pearlcoat
Hemi Limited
I wanted a Hemi Commander since they were introduced in 2006 and purchased mine certified pre-owned in 2011. It was a second owner rig with 34K miles. Great right? Come to find out, the Jeep dealer had never actually done the certification but sold it as certified anyway. I am fairly certain that this is common practice. Anyway, I called the dealer out as I uncovered multiple problems that surely should have been and apparently were resolved according to the certification checklist. Meanwhile, I called their service department to find out that my VIN had never even been through their shop. The short story goes like this......I have what is probably the only Commander in the world with the Chrysler Max Care Limetime Warranty. The warranty expires in 2099 at 999,999K miles. I kid you not. This warranty and vehicle have served me and my family so well that I will never get rid of this thing. The Commander was my wifes primary vehicle for about the past 5 years. She recently bought a 2019 Subaru Forester Sport (Great Vehicle!) and I gave up commuting (sold my 2015 Corolla). Now, me and The Hoss have been reunited. Needless to say, The Hoss is ready for upgrades. That is why I'm here. I'm grateful for the wealth of information. Big thanks to all!
2008 Jeep Commander (Modern Blue Pearlcoat)


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