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  1. Overheating at Idle - Please read the full post

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hi Guys, I am a bit puzzled about the situation. I have a 2007 Jeep commander 4.7 limited and it overheats while idling (mostly with AC on). Heat gauge goes up to 3/4 and beyond if I don't start driving or turn off the car. below are the things I've already done trying to fix the situation...
  2. "Fun" with 4.7 PowerTech Engine

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hello All, New to the forum here. Have a daily driver, bought new in 2007 in CA. Has 120,000 miles on it. No mods. Maintenance completed as required. Engine is the 4.7 VIN N (Non flex fuel). Vehicle developed hesitation last summer. Only when hot, the engine would stutter and miss...
  3. How to change a starter in a 2006 4.7 jeep commander

    Regular Service / Maintenance
    I recently changed a starter in my wifes 2006 Jeep Commander and could not find a good "how to" on the web. There probably is one but I couldn't find a detailed one. So I figured I would post this to help the next guy out there. 1. Block rear tires 2. Jack up vehicle from jack point just behind...
  4. How to replace water pump

    Regular Service / Maintenance
    Help guys - I have a 2006 Commander 4.7L that needs the water pump replaced. Can anyone give me a step by step? Major problem as it's darn cold outside and i have to do this in the driveway. I really don't want to spend lots of time "figuring it out". At the least, can anyone tell me if the...
  5. Engine Swap Question?? HELP

    Performance Modifications
    2008 JEEP COMMANDER Background info: So last night I was off-roading with some of my friends, we found some awesome trails in an abandoned subdivision. There was a large body of water which at this point I can only call a pool at this point having been waist deep to put the chains on to pull my...
  6. Commander4Lyfe's Garage

    Thought it was about time I started a garage thread for myself and Big Blue. Hope you enjoy the pics... and I'll have many more to follow. Before: After lift, tires and wheel spacers: Before: After lift, tires and wheel spacers: