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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    The jeep has lights on for 4x4 service, ABS, ESP/BAS and traction control. Assuming they are all likely related to a similar issue, im looking for a starting point to diagnose the issues, where should i start? 2009 Jeep commander 5.7L 4x4 (Quad-drive II) - 190k miles
  2. General Commander Discussion
    Hey all, I'm considering purchasing a 2010 Jeep Commander with the Hemi and only 60k miles on it. Is there anything that I should be looking for with regards to issues on this, or any particular features I should be checking to make sure it's all in working order? Any input would be greatly...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    Anyone in or near Raleigh NC that can do this mod for me? I'll pay you. I have a 2 inch lift and 2 inch spacers for Jeep Rubicon 32s. [email protected]
  4. New Member Section
    I have a 06 4.7 Commander with 150k miles on it. Ive been keeping up with all maintenance but I’ve has a misfire in cyl 5 for a couple months now due to low compression. Last time I measured, 5 was at 90 while everything else was around 120. Ive been putting lucas engine restore and lubricant in...
  5. New Member Section
    Hi Fam, new here. As stated in title 08 5.7L 4x4 Limited. We are having a few problems with it. which led me to buy and install a new Winter Battery, Water pump, Serpentine belt, new Radiator hoses, Alternator, Starter, Head Gaskets, New Coil packs and spark plugs. Actuator and Fuse...
  6. The Dragon Commander

    Most everything in and on her is stock, but I'm thinking maybe a little bit of a lift, side-steps, bigger tires, steel bumpers (front and back), brush guard, and a winch. Oh, and definitely auxiliary lights!
  7. Vehicles for Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hi Everyone, Reconsidering things at the moment. Thanks
  8. General Commander Discussion
    what should i be aware of if i drive through sand? not about getting stuck, but after care. i've been told that sand is about the worst thing you can put a rig through, that and salt water so i was wondering how sealed up the underside of the jeep is. if i go out on the beach do i need to...
  9. Vehicles for Sale/Wanted/Trade
    2009 Jeep Commander Overland with Hemi! This vehicle is Jeep's top of the line vehicle, fully loaded with absolutely every option. Looks and runs great, low mileage and well maintained. Great for a family, a Jeep enthusiast or someone that just wants a really nice and comfortable SUV. I love...
1-11 of 11 Results