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  1. New Member Section
    "I'm new here and I will have questions, Lift kits ? which ones? how much? or no bluetooth on radio even though theres a button? what now?
  2. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I want to hook up my aftermarket door speakers to an aftermarket amp. Is it possible to use the Boston acoustic wires to power the aftermarket amp? The power wires that go into the Boston amp look a little thin to power a more powerful amp, but it would save me a TON of work as far as wiring...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    I have an 06 limited 4.7L, no tow package. Called dealer and they said of course hitch, wiring harness, and trans cooler... Then he said i need to change the rack and pinion at a cost of 2200 dollars! From what i understood, both those with tow package and those without are both a 3.73 ratio...
1-3 of 3 Results