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  1. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Is it me, or is there supposed to be an amp inside the rear driver side cargo panel? Base model 2006. is it hidden somewhere? The pics I’ve seen of the Boston amp seem to be in plain sight.
  2. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hello All, My amp has bit the dust. I had a lot of moisture in the cab and I believe that to be the cause. Searching the web for a 5064118AL has turned up Part Discontinued. There was a post on here with someone mentioning EBay and searching for just 5064118. Is there a reason we cannot use the...
  3. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hi I'm in the UK and the nearest Jeep dealers 200 miles away. The sound only comes through the two dash speakers and not the rest. The problem from other posts seems to be the amp. Does anyone know what the original amp was and is the a better alternative? Many thanks. Jeep commander 3.0 crd 2006
  4. Problems / Dealer Service
    2006 Jeep Commander Limited 5.7L HEMI V8 Factory radio with Navigation - No rear entertainment, not Boston Acoustics West Chester, Pennsylvania So I really hope someone has seen this before and can help. The speakers on the doors are putting out very very low volume sound while the two dash...
  5. Problems / Dealer Service
    The radio in our 06 Commander stopped putting out sound; it looks like it works fine, but jsut no sound out of the speakers. We removed the radio and installed in in our friends 07 Commander and the radio worked normally, so the radio itself is fine. Would this mean the amp is bad? Is there a...
1-5 of 5 Results