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  1. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I just spent the last couple of hours scouring these threads trying to figure out: 1. if my leaky sunroof drains blew my amp 2. how to replace it 3. how to get the extended warranty to cover it 4. what fuses to check first ....while pathetically whimpering and furiously swearing at the...
  2. New Member Section
    Hey guys, owned my 06’ Jeep commander for 8 years now. It’s fully loaded. It has the 6 disc CD changer fm/am NAVIGATION radio. I need to replace it before I sell it. Even the used ones are ridiculously expensive, can I put in the ‘standard’ radio (like the one without nav or the screen) instead...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    Looking for audio/navigation component to replace the one in my 06 Commander 4.7 Limited with rear back-up light. the Cd is jumping tracks like crazy. The Navigation data is outadated
1-3 of 3 Results