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  1. Suspension / Lifts
    I've read online the horror stories about them, people in non-salt states claim they have no issues... but no one seems to show the process of "cutting it out", "heating/torching", "sawzall"... I'm in the middle of a 2.5 lift and got driverside done with no issues, but passenger side bottom...
  2. Exterior Appearance Mods
    Ok this was mentioned in the Fender Flare Thread and we thought we'd start a new thread on this topic. If we could get enough people interested in some large "Cut Out" fenders flares from Bushwacker, maybe we could get them to make some for our vehicles. Then again, maybe not, but we won't...
  3. Wheels / Tires
    What´s the bolt pattern of the jeep commander wheels?. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results