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  1. Flagpole Knob Trip / May 17-20, 2012

    Trail Runs / Meet & Greets
    Anyone interested in a Flagpole Knob trip May 16 - 20, 2012?
  2. Bog Down

    General Commander Discussion
    My XK has been bogging down, the esp lights comes on and then the engine cuts out. Feels like traction control Should I search first or go to the dealer? Any thoughts on this??
  3. Getlost Rear Diff Cover

    Exterior Appearance Mods
    I have a getlost 10 bolt rear diff cover for sale. I will have a picture of it shortly. This is the one that requires the spacer because it is not deep enough to bolt on. It is quite heavy. Make a good paper weight or wheel chalk.
  4. Midwest/ East Coast Camp Commader August 12 - 15, 2010 - Flagpole

    Trail Runs / Meet & Greets
    New thread for Flagpole Camp Commander. Click On The Link Directions Regional Info Facilities Events Supply List
  5. Cico7's Garage

    Well, finally did it. Took the time and did it...... Cleaned the wheels real well. (not the commander) added 1 1/2 Spidertrax spacers Painted the wheels Used Rustoleum Black Laquer And I dont care if you can see my license plate. Hundreds of people see me going down the...