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  1. Appearance Modifications
    20 in verde wheels, with bc racing coilovers for the srt8 grand cherokee, 275/40/20 tires
  2. New Member Section
    looking to get 20x9 in the front and 20x10.5 in the back with some toyo proxies. need help choosing the right offset. will i have to get wheel spacers? i also plan on putting the srt8 jeep chero BC racing coilovers on, with this set up work with and with the coil overs. Sorry for the long...
  3. Suspension / Lifts
    coilovers & problems with the unibody For anyone thinking about coilovers for there XK. I was researching coilover conversions for the XK, and talked with King. Apparently after installing the coilovers... there is a popping sound during onroad/ everyday driving. It is said to come from the...
1-3 of 3 Results