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  1. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Our 2010 5.7L 2WD recently has been running a little rough and going into what I believe is "Limp Mode" it does not shift past 4th gear and the Fuel Saver mode stops working. I have an OBDII code reader and saw that two codes P0014 and P0016 related to crankshaft and camshaft timing sensor...
  2. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Long story short: Our insurance company here in Bolivia required we replace the original alarm system on our 2006 4.7l 65 year anniversary edition. The installers messed up with the electronics and the ECU is now gone eg. check engine light on and gear box in limp home mode. The new alarm...
  3. Regular Service / Maintenance
    Has anyone connected a scanner to their commander? Should I see two ecu's? I must ask again. This is like a rubic's cube. i have the OBDwiz from Scantool. :brickwall:
  4. Regular Service / Maintenance
    Hello All, My CDR was running great one day, started running like it was missing a cylinder, putt putt. The next day I was going to autozone to get DTC's read, started and died at the end of the driveway. I have been unable to start the Jeep since. I have checked Battery, ok. I have replaced...
1-4 of 4 Results