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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    Engine revs to 2000 rpm at startup and fluctuates from 1250 - 2100 randomly (2007 Commander 4.7 4wd). Dealer has no idea and there are no present codes. The problem seems to be worse when it is colder (I'm in KC). Has anyone else had this issue? Is it a sensor or a trottle body problem?
  2. News
    I recently replaced both heads, timing chains and guides, and oil pump on my '06 4.7l. It runs great on surface streets, even if I really jump on it and run it up. However, merging on to the freeway and running it up to where it should shift into OD (approx 4500 rpms) it looses power, throws a...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    Well, it pains me to say this but i think my 5.7 motor is done for. Went to the shop multiple times trying to fix cooling issues but they could never source the problem. Upon this last time they found coolant in my oil so my motor is likely toast. My question is.. Has anyone ever been crazy...
  4. Problems / Dealer Service
    Hi all! I'm still new to the Commander - I purchased mine as a project two weeks ago, and it's running rough. I have a 2006 Commander with the 4.7 V8 and QTII. 189,000 miles. I have a code reader, and was getting a P0300 (random misfire), and bad O2 sensor codes for 3 of the 4 sensors...
  5. New Member Section
    I’ve been looking for a set of valve cover gaskets for 2007 commander with the 5.7L. Any recommendations and or part numbers would be greatly appreciated.
  6. General Commander Discussion
    Hello all fellow Commander commanders! I've just purchased my first Jeep. It is a 2006, 5.7l Hemi. Or was. I know I got taken, but I love this vehicle. I say taken, because less than a month into ownership(and not driving it hardly at all the first 2 weeks) the motor blew up while I was...
  7. Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey all, looking for some help/advice. Love the forum and have been reading it for years. Ran into what I think is a pretty major issue with my Commander. I started the ol' girl up yesterday morning to move her around the garage so I could replace a broken side mirror. Stepping back out, I saw...
  8. Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey guys, I have an ongoing issue that I still haven't resolved. My engine makes a noise that the dealership can't diagnose. They replaced my lifters (6.1 lifters) and also exhaust manifolds and gaskets.
  9. Problems / Dealer Service
    Looking for some help! After searching thru the threads for months, I have not been able to find any threads about a problem I'm having with my 06 3.7L (QT1). When starting, the engine cranks and cranks (between 7 to 10 seconds) before it fires. Long enough that anytime anybody is around or...
  10. Performance Modifications
    2008 JEEP COMMANDER Background info: So last night I was off-roading with some of my friends, we found some awesome trails in an abandoned subdivision. There was a large body of water which at this point I can only call a pool at this point having been waist deep to put the chains on to pull my...
  11. Regular Service / Maintenance
    I made a quick video on how to change the oil in my 4.7L Grand Cherokee and thought I would share here since they have the same drive train. Hope this helps someone out if they have never done their own maintenance before! :eyemouth: Jack Warning...
1-11 of 11 Results