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front differential
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  1. Regular Service / Maintenance
    SO here's the symptoms during acceleration there is an occasional shudder, then at any deceleration(coasting), or braking there is grinding/grabbing, a pop, and then the Jeep feels like it is lurching/bucking especially 30mph to stop. History: 2008 XK 5.7 QD2 160k New parts in the last...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    Ok, so I had the Service 4x4 system light come on every time I started my jeep (2006 Commander 5.7 Hemi Limited). Jeep in Aurora Colorado said it was the wrong fluid additive. That didnt work, so $60 bucks down the drain. I took it to a 4x4 mechanic and they updated my diagnostic system which...
  3. Regular Service / Maintenance
    I just finished servicing the rear diff and the transfer case, but when I got to the front diff I'm a little undecided about the best way to proceed. I know that I have to remove the skid plate to get to the drain and fill plugs, but do you all normally take off the cover? It looks to me...
1-3 of 3 Results