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  1. General Commander Discussion
    Hi All, My 2009 Commander (3.7liter) just started giving a pretty aggressive vibration while driving. I assumed it was related to my rear parking brake job, so I redid the shoes and it went away for a day, but it's back. I have the CV/CV or Rezeppa to Rezeppa driveshaft/propshaft up front and...
  2. General Commander Discussion
    Ok, here is a new one for all. this is the side panel for the front seat, driver side. It is attached by two screws on the side of the frame, and a screw on the back of the frame. As in the picture, the mounting tabs on the side are broken. This is the second time i have replaced the driver...
  3. Suspension / Lifts
    ok i know that there are lost of members with disconnects in the rear and some even have them in the front. now im wondering... who has them front and back? pictures of full flex and do i have to worry about anything at full flex for both ends
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Jeep Commander Chrome front tow hooks off of a XK Limited. i bought them off a Mod here, Phunkeydude but i never installed them. never even opened the box actually. Used. Good condition. With mounting brackets and bolts. $100.00 Free ground shipping within 48 contiguous states. Payment via...
  5. Suspension / Lifts
    newbie with the commander,I just traded in my harley f150 and i need some help trying to figure why am getting this clunky sound from the front passenger side when ever i go over a speed bump or even driving up my driveway just doesnt make any sense to me.---:(. i almost forgot to mention ive...
1-5 of 5 Results