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  1. MyGarage
    My Garage has a 2008 Jeep Commander 3.7L V6. I bought it with no mods. I have added a Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust, Auto Ventshades, and I plasti-dipped the factory 17" wheels black. I plan to add a K&N Cold Air Intake, Bull Bar, Tail Light Guards, and maybe get bigger/better rims and tires someday.
  2. Picture / Media Post
    Thought i would just throw up some pics and info on my garage and whats goin on. i won't be home to put up the pictures till later. but i will also put up my car history. Past Cars: 1- 2006, Pearl, Cadillac Escalade (66,000miles) (2 12" hi fonic subs, Bose Sound System, 23" LED TV in rear, Xbox...
  3. MyGarage
    Thought it was about time I started a garage thread for myself and Big Blue. Hope you enjoy the pics... and I'll have many more to follow. Before: After lift, tires and wheel spacers: Before: After lift, tires and wheel spacers:
  4. MyGarage
    Well its time. i'm going to post up some pictures. it all started because we couldn't fit all our crap in this anymore. so we traded it for this the day the baby came home
  5. MyGarage
    Well, finally did it. Took the time and did it...... Cleaned the wheels real well. (not the commander) added 1 1/2 Spidertrax spacers Painted the wheels Used Rustoleum Black Laquer And I dont care if you can see my license plate. Hundreds of people see me going down the...
1-5 of 6 Results