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  1. Exterior Appearance Mods
    Hey, good people of Jeep! Wondering if anyone knows how to find these headlights in this YouTube video: I've been looking for them but can't find anything like them anywhere! Thanks!
  2. IMG_20211228_0728072.jpg

    Removal of headlights for smoked AKKON replacements.
  3. Exterior Appearance Mods
    Hey I recently purchased a Jeep commander, while doing my digging and looking around I saw a picture of a Commander with aftermarket headlights that resembled what Ford is doing with their super duty trucks, how it has the LED strip surrounding the main headlights. I was looking and couldn’t...
  4. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Turn the headlight knob to the circle for off, they are still on during the day. How do you turn them off? I miss our commander sport and it's steering wheel and lights on/off were much nicer then the overlands. How this is suppose to be the upgraded better package trim level and things are...
  5. New Member Section
    Hi! New Jeep owner. Hubby bought me a 09 Commander Overland and already working on her. As you can see, she's got 2 diff headlights and the newer (driver's side) doesn't even work! Mechanic said they pigtailed it weird and he couldn't find a way to fix it. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  6. General Commander Discussion
    Hey Everyone, My 2008 Jeep Commander's wipers, turn signals, and high beams stopped working yesterday. The dash lights also went very dim and cannot be adjusted. I started noticing that the radio screen was changing brightness about a week ago. Sometimes it happened when I turned on the...
  7. Exterior Appearance Mods
    I finally got around to installing my custom HID projectors, got them all aligned and working as they should and I wanted to share the info with you guys. As you know, Jeep made a limited number of Commanders with OEM HID projectors but it seems that they no longer manufacture the replacement...
1-7 of 7 Results