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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    ‘07 jeep commander quad-1, 3.7 V6 2” OME JBA uppers jeep wrangler wheels/tires take offs On my 3rd front passenger side CV axle replacement I’m concerned. OEM cv boot broke then tried a rock auto generic, and a duralast gold cv axle assembly, but to no avail they are causing this issue. Very...
  2. New Member Section
    Hello, im new here and just bought a 2006 5.7 jeep commander a couple months ago. Ive restored the floor and wielded in two 2x6 steel beams to replace the rockers that were rusted out. Now i bought a Liberty 3inch lift kit and gonna replace the stock coilsprings for Champion coilsprings in the...
  3. New Member Section
    I have an 06 Hemi, just working on a plan before I start building her. I have noticed there is not much support for the Commander. I know the Grand Cherokee of the same year is using the same Hemi application the 5.7 Eagle. Can i, in turn, use the parts from Grand Cherokee? I am looking to do...
1-3 of 3 Results