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  1. Front Axle Brand To Order?

    General Commander Discussion
    Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. I've got an '06 4.7 V8 (not the hemi) with Quadra-Drive II. A couple days ago, I noticed the front driver's inside boot is completely split open, all the grease slung all over the place underneath. It's my daily driver, so I've had to drive it a bit...
  2. Safe to drive?

    New Member Section
    My MIL was on and I had a code that indicated that I needed to replace my Oil Pressure Sensor. I went to a non dealership mechanic who would allow me buy my own parts, because I also needed the L & R front wheel bearing hub assembly replaced; I refused to pay for the parts via the repair shop...

    Regular Service / Maintenance
    Hey everyone! I need a little help...I noticed my belt tensioner assembly clicking, so I figured the spring had finally wore out. (You can also see the tensioner pulley moving back and forth easily) I decided to change it knowing all I had to do was remove the belt, take off one bolt and put the...
  4. Problem code U0401

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I have a superchip programer. Installed the 91 tune and ever since I have got warning lights ESP/BAS traction control off light. And, the U0401 Implausible data received from ecm/pcm. It also shifts very hard and seems to stay in gear way to long, or shifts in and out of overdrive constantly...
  5. NavTech Navigation DVD / Updates & Discussion

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    My Commander was built in the August timeframe and purchased in February. I noticed that the NAV system didn't quite understand some areas of newer development (well, not that new). When I had it in for service, they said that new DVDs come out annually, in January and they are on back order...