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  1. General Commander Discussion
    Anyone have any experience replacing a burnt out HID bulb? Have a 2010 Limited Commander with a burnt out passenger low beam, "buzzes" when car is unlocked but won't shine light. Realized these are HID bulbs and not run of the mill bulbs. Wonder if anyone has experience / link / references on...
  2. Exterior Appearance Mods
    I finally got around to installing my custom HID projectors, got them all aligned and working as they should and I wanted to share the info with you guys. As you know, Jeep made a limited number of Commanders with OEM HID projectors but it seems that they no longer manufacture the replacement...
  3. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    So I finally received my pair of custom built projector headlights from and installed them over the weekend and they look awesome. I'll post a separate thread with a review and pictures but I'm just trying to deal with a minor issue first. The HIDs are wired with a relay...
  4. Exterior Appearance Mods
    I'd like to take a pulse on owners who have added an HID conversion kit to their Commander, I'm considering it for the functionality. I usually tend to stay away from them on prior vehicles because although HIDs are bright, they're not always functional depending on the headlight...
  5. Interior Appearance Modifications
    Hey I was looking into buying a LED interior kit for my 07 Jeep Commander, has any one used this website? Has anyone modded there jeep to halo light? Thank you post away!
  6. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Since everyone keeps killing there cars with HIDs I though id make a How-to, Ive done all my cars this way and never once had a problem. Feel free to add as Im sure i left something out. I know its not the best how-to but it being 20 degrees out its all I had lol Needed: 1 HID 9006 Kit (I used...
  7. Exterior Appearance Mods
    Has anyone looked into purchasing a set of the factory projector housing's. And either: A. Add your own HID kit B. Use Factory HID kit Does anyone have part numbers to look into this. I found one housing on ebay, but it's junk and I wouldn't buy it. But it put this thought into my head, why...
  8. Problems / Dealer Service
    Installed HID kit on my 2010, on both fogs and low beams. they worked but flickered so i contacted the seller and he cent my 2 cancelers. i installed them and then started the jeep. it ran for 10 seconds or so then died and said transmission over temp and will not start. My new XK on its way to...
  9. Exterior Appearance Mods
    I had HID Xenon lights on my old car. Now I'm looking on Ebay at these HID full kits with plug and play for $35 shipped. Has anybody these on their car? I know the whitest color that you can get on these is between 4-5000K. I'm thinking about 4300K Kristian:ugh2:
  10. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    So my brother sent me a set of HIDs for my jeep, so i plugged them and and my whole jeep shut down. No headlight, windows didnt work, wont start.... nothing. So i take it to jeep and it turns out the hids sent back 150 volts to my circute board and control modular and burned that all up. keep in...
1-10 of 11 Results