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  1. New Member Section
    Hi I am looking to swap the radio in my Commander 06 and I was looking at replacing it with a newer radio from 08's and above I believe they came in because I noticed in the newer ones came with a screen and a aux port which would be really useful. The question I have though is will it work...
  2. Interior Appearance Modifications
    Hey I was looking into buying a LED interior kit for my 07 Jeep Commander, has any one used this website? Has anyone modded there jeep to halo light? Thank you post away!
  3. Interior Appearance Modifications
    I'm trying to find a nice location to wire some lights into and do not want to take a drill to the dash to mount a switch. I was wondering if anyone has used the blank buttons on the lower switch bank i believe its called just below the temperature control knobs. If anyone has any experience in...
  4. Interior Appearance Modifications
    Does anyone know what this is actually called/if I could buy a right(passenger) side panel? And where? I am talking about the panel below the 3rd window next to the 3rd row seats. I want to buy one and cut it to possibly make a custom sub box there is a decent amount of room behind and below if...
1-4 of 4 Results