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  1. Suspension / Lifts
    I'm just planning ahead and curious if someone has any pics of a Commander with Rusty's 1/4" leveling spacers only, no lift kit. My goal is to keep my XK and run it to the ground while keeping it family oriented. My previous XK had a 2" lift kit and I loved the look but this one I'm...
  2. Suspension / Lifts
    Just bought an 08 5.7 commander and I am looking at lift kits. Was wondering what your opinions are on this lift kit I found on Amazon. It's a 2.5 front and 2 rear. Figured this would level it out. Just wonder if it's a decent product and well made. Here's the link...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    Low buck vehicle winter survival kit... Everyone says they don't need one with cell phones so close... In the event of a major winter storm, the cops and emergency rescue have real problems to deal with, and a stuck motorist is a low priority. Lots of people become stranded on back roads...
1-3 of 3 Results