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  1. Suspension / Lifts
    Has anyone been able to find a 3-4" lift since the last posting? I really want to run 33s when I buy mine and cant find kits anywhere. if there are not kits can some one give me a parts list of what worked for them so achieve that lift? I want it to still ride well so I'm willing to spend the...
  2. Suspension / Lifts
    Hello all, I have installed new shocks and decided to throw on a 2.5 inch spaacers I bought like 4 years ago. I clearly didnt research properly at the time, to find out that it would lift the jeep much more than that. Plus Im sure the quick struts with new springs likely lifted the jeep up some...
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I have a jeep performance bilstein 5100 shock conversion kit with the bilstein shocks. I also have a set of jeep performance rear adjustable spacers. All brand new.
    $700 USD
  4. General Commander Discussion
    Can I fit 285.70.17s with 3.5 lift?
  5. General Commander Discussion
    Anyone in or near Raleigh NC that can do this mod for me? I'll pay you. I have a 2 inch lift and 2 inch spacers for Jeep Rubicon 32s. [email protected]
  6. New Member Section
    Just joined the forum and just bought my Commander. 2008 Limited with Hemi and QT-II and plans to build out an overland rig. Any members out there who have lift and tire experiences to share? I have been reading the forum and it seems like there are lots of dead links and discontinued...
  7. Suspension / Lifts
    So I have a 2006 4WD with the 5.7L. I’ve owned it for about 6 months and want to get a few more inches in lift but don’t want to pay $2600 for a 4in super lift kit (that’s just for the kit. No install). It came with a 2 in spacer lift. I’ve replaced the shocks with ranchos all the way around...
  8. Suspension / Lifts
    Is there a way to adjust the front suspension to give it some lift without having to buy something only by adjusting the factory suspension
  9. Suspension / Lifts
    We bit the bullet and got the RC lift and wheel package done plus swapped out the grill. Darkened lights are next.
  10. New Member Section
    Hello, im new here and just bought a 2006 5.7 jeep commander a couple months ago. Ive restored the floor and wielded in two 2x6 steel beams to replace the rockers that were rusted out. Now i bought a Liberty 3inch lift kit and gonna replace the stock coilsprings for Champion coilsprings in the...
  11. Suspension / Lifts
    Hello all, so I decided to get the Bilstein B8 5100s front and rear shocks too. From what I know, the front on the highest setting will lift 2" and the rear will lift 1.5". Am I able to add the RC 2" lift spacers on these without any issues? Also, what springs should I run on the front struts...
  12. Suspension / Lifts
    Hi guys, this month I might make the change over to the superlift from the OME HD and have thrown out my stock shocks (due to lack of storage ? ....) I will need new shocks. I would love some coilovers but dont want to spend that much, so I have narrowed it down to the 4600 and 5100. I do not...
  13. New Member Section
    I'm obviously new to this site and this might be a dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway. I just recently ordered the Rocky Road 2.25" Lift (despite some criticism of the company and their slow shipping process) and I am installing it with 265/70/R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers. Being a broke...
  14. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Anyone up/down grading and selling some OME HD's? :stickpoke:
  15. Suspension / Lifts
    I'm installing a 2 inch Rough Country leveling kit on my Commander soon. I need recommendations on the best size of wheel spacers to use along with applicable largest off-road tires size. Any other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Suspension / Lifts
    Hey guys. I just want to get a pulse from owners who've had their XKs lifted for quite some time now, particularly those who are just running a spacer lift. Have there been any long term effects on your XK? Any added stress to your CV joints? Ball joints? Etc. Are spacer lifts ok for long term...
  17. Performance Modifications
    Hi all, I'm a Commander owner from Canada. I did a lift and tires on my Commander, and feel as though the effectiveness of the "diff locking" system has decreased. So now i'm thinking out loud here.... The differential locking system on both the QuadraTrac II and QuadraDrive II is...
  18. Suspension / Lifts
    Just bought an 08 5.7 commander and I am looking at lift kits. Was wondering what your opinions are on this lift kit I found on Amazon. It's a 2.5 front and 2 rear. Figured this would level it out. Just wonder if it's a decent product and well made. Here's the link...
  19. Exterior Appearance Mods
    Recently purchased an 06 commander 4.7L and decided to lift and level it and get some bigger tires to fill the gaps. I went with the Rough Country 2" coil spacer lift around $200 shipped to Canada. 1.5" wheel spacers to get the 255/75 R17's some room. Spacers were about $150 and I scored my...
1-20 of 42 Results