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  1. Transmission 2006 Commander

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any major issues since they have had the N23 recall fix? We had a great vehicle before the fix. After the fix the vehicle would stall and had a pulsating idle. Which we brought back to the dealer for repair. After a little research it was apparent...
  2. 07 Commander Ipod Hookup

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    If this has already been addressed, sorry for the repetition. I went to the dealer to install the ipod integration harness (not uconnect or whatever that $800 part is) and apparently mopar quit making this part and they can't locate one in any dealership in the country. Does anyone know of an...
  3. HOW TO: Front Tow Hook Install (Mopar)

    Exterior Appearance Mods
    Finally getting around to posting the install pics for the Front Tow Hooks. It took all of an hour total from start to finish. Start with removing the front fascia (see sticky thread: With the fascia removed, you can see the covers...
  4. Mopar OEM Jeep Commander GPS Navigation System

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I am interested in putting in an aftermarket GPS system in my 06 Commander and I really like this one...