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  1. How to get best MPG

    General Commander Discussion
    Okay so I know Commanders aren’t known for their amazing MPG, but I’m going away to college next year (I’m in my senior year of high school) and I have a Commander that I love and I don’t have money for a second car to get better MPG. College is 550 highway miles away. What mods can squeeze...
  2. Improving Gas Milage

    General Commander Discussion
    Trying to do what I can to improve my gas milage on this car. Researching cold air intake systems (an opinions on best one?) and maybe replacing spark plugs. Just bought the car with 98K miles on it. 3.7L V6 2007 Commander. Any ideas to improve it's performance under the hood?
  3. My Gas Mileage

    General Commander Discussion
    note: Im aware the gas mileage on my vehicle is horrible and knew that before buying it, and I accept it. 08 5.7 Hemi, 17k miles I'm currently getting 9.5 to 10.5 mpg with 90/10 city/highway mix. Close to all city for the most part with the occasional 20 minute jaunt out to the suburban...
  4. Hypertech Max Energy Econ Hemi

    Programmers/Engine Mods
    Brand Newbie.. Just got a 2007 Black Overland Hemi. Any reviews, comparison or suggestions for better MPG aside from not putting my foot into it(though that is a lot of fun). I've used a hypertech performance program on my 8.1 Suburban and it did well. Now I see they have a Max Energy Econ for...
  5. 2 - 4 in lift vs mpg vs towing capacity

    Suspension / Lifts
    if i lift my jeep 2 - 4 inches (07/08 hemi), how much will it decrease my mpg by? i'd want to put on bigger tires than the factory size as well. would it change my towing capacity? can i increase the towing capacity? thanks
  6. Sudden drop in AVG MPG reading.

    Regular Service / Maintenance
    Has anyone else experienced a sudden drop in their readings for AVG MPG? That happened to me the other day, as soon as I turned on my Commander the reading dropped really quick, I was at an AVG 17.0 MPG and it went down to about 12 MPG, it was odd. It kept dropping as I was driving. It has now...
  7. Real world gas mileage?

    General Commander Discussion
    Wife and I for the first time ever actually agree on a vehicle we both like. The Commander. We don't plan to buy for at least another 4-6 months, but we are going to test drive one on Saturday with the 4.7L. Our biggest concern is the gas mileage as here in NY gas is one of the higher prices...