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  1. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Will a JK 2014 factory Nav radio fit my 2007 commander? Any mods needed? Thank you in advance
  2. New Member Section
    Hey guys, owned my 06’ Jeep commander for 8 years now. It’s fully loaded. It has the 6 disc CD changer fm/am NAVIGATION radio. I need to replace it before I sell it. Even the used ones are ridiculously expensive, can I put in the ‘standard’ radio (like the one without nav or the screen) instead...
  3. Interior Appearance Modifications
    I just got a used Jeep Commander, but the navigation screen is not working. I've looked into replacing it the radio, but I can't justify the $600+ to replace it. Does anyone know of a good after market radio that won't break the bank that has similar features?
  4. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Does anyone know if a 2008 RER Uconnect MyGig nav radio can be easily replaced with a 2009-2010 version of the same radio? The reason this idea came to mind is that there is an iPod interface cable available for the RER Uconnect MyGig radios but only for the 2009-2010 version. If the radio is...
  5. Problems / Dealer Service
    2006 Jeep Commander Limited 5.7L HEMI V8 Factory radio with Navigation - No rear entertainment, not Boston Acoustics West Chester, Pennsylvania So I really hope someone has seen this before and can help. The speakers on the doors are putting out very very low volume sound while the two dash...
  6. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hello all- new to the forums and did a quick search but didnt really turn up the relevant info I was looking for so here goes. My Sunroof leaked and here in balmy coastal mississippi my 2006 commander got quite like a sauna. The head unit now only shows lines with no recognizable image on the...
  7. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    All of a sudden my Uconnect quit working and my bluetooth to my phone quit connecting. Any ideas on this issue?
  8. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have a 2006 Limited 5.7 with REC Navigation system...I made the mistake of leaving the sunroof open the other day and there was a sudden downpoor. By the time I got out to close the sunroof, the entire dash was soaked. When I drove it following drying everything off, the screen was initially...
  9. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Alright. I'm new to the forum. Just bought an 07 Commander Sport. Have the plain 6 disc cd changer from the factory. Want to put in an in-dash nav. Heard good things about the Pioneer z130BT. Called Crutchfield and the lady told me that the deck was too shallow and would not work unless I...
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    This item has been sold
  11. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hey, I have a 2007 Overland with the VES Nav system installed. My question is, does this unit have periodical updates to the software like MyGig?
  12. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I installed a used Kenwood DNX7100. The FM audio works great. The DVD/CD audio is really really low on max volume setting of 30 and also sounds distorted. anyone have any ideas or suggestions? thanks in advanced.
  13. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I am interested in putting in an aftermarket GPS system in my 06 Commander and I really like this one...
  14. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have recently upgraded to the REC nav radio for my 06 commander and was wondering if I need to take the car to the dealership to electronically configure the car for the new radio, or is it just plug and play. And if so, what does the configuration do exactly? Thanks
  15. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have upgraded to the rec radio. everything works fine except there is a high pitched noise instead of the voice. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Am I just stupid or what....I activated my sirius radio yesterday when I got my truck...when I turn it on all I get is the weather station (184) in the heck do I change that to a music station or any station for that fact??? Have hit the scan button and tuning button but nothing happens...
1-16 of 17 Results