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  1. OME HD installed and Commander's not happy. Fixed by alignment!

    Suspension / Lifts
    Hello all, finally got everything installed and I'm having some noise and ESD glitches. I have an 2007 limited with QDii and 5.7. Stock tire size BFG KO2, no problems before the lift other than differential bushing knock when shifting. Work done includes OME HD springs and shocks, JBA...
  2. Thunking / Knocking on acceleration

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Searched what I could in the forums but couldn't find anything that sounded similar. When I accelerate I hear a thunk, thunk, thunk that gets faster until I reach 30ish mph when the thunking gets fast enough it is more of a vibration. I can not hear it outside the vehicle and it does not do it...
  3. Commander 3.7l V6 - Gearbox 'clang' changing from 1st to 2nd

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I have an intermittent (although regular) noise from the gearbox when it shifts from 1st to second. It only happens after being in park, and usually when cold, although not always. As the transmission shifts up the first time since being parked it smoothly shifts but there is another noise - a...
  4. 5.7 ENgine noise! Not lifters or manifold. Videos posted please help :)

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey guys, I have an ongoing issue that I still haven't resolved. My engine makes a noise that the dealership can't diagnose. They replaced my lifters (6.1 lifters) and also exhaust manifolds and gaskets.
  5. Clunks Galore...:(

    Regular Service / Maintenance
    Hey guys, Ive got a 2008 limited XK with the hemi, 2inch RC lift, and 1.5" wheel spacers. Recently, the clunks ive been hearing have been increasing. - Clunk from left front side when entering driveway at an angle - clunk from under car when coming to an abrupt stop (not smashing the brakes...
  6. I luv my Commander,,,,but....

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I luv my Commander. It drives well and the Hemi is great, but I wanted to know if anyone else with a hemi is getting their feet burned up by the heat put out from the engine? Also it makes a loud clunking noise sometimes when I turn the wheel, not always though. The dealership said it was a...
  7. Front Suspension Noise

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Fairly new here..just got a used 2007 4.7L Commander with about 39K on it. I've had some issues with the front driver's side suspension making loud noises (esp when cold) when going over speed bumps, stopping, and hitting small bumps in the road. I still have the truck on a 100% paid 30 day...
  8. Name that broken part?

    Suspension / Lifts
    For the last few weeks I've noticed a groaning noise from the front driver-side tire. At first I thought it was low on air and I was getting some side tread road noise, but that wasn't it... The noise is totally gone when going around a left turn (weight is on the passenger side), and amplified...
  9. Low roaring at freeway speeds

    General Commander Discussion
    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so go easy on me if I'm wrong. I have a 2006 Commander Sport. It has approx. 47000 miles on it. It also has a 3.7 v6. I am the second owner of the vehicle. When driving around 70-75 mph, there is a faint roar that seems to be coming from the front of the...
  10. Sunroof Rattle Question??

    Problems / Dealer Service
    About 3 months ago, my sunroof was leaking, so I brought it into the dealership and after $500 they fixed the problem. Now, I seem to notice that with the sunroof closed, it seems to make a rattling sound. When I have the sunroof tilted up, the pieces of plastic on the edges don't seem to stay...
  11. High Pitched Noise with REC upgrade

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have upgraded to the rec radio. everything works fine except there is a high pitched noise instead of the voice. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Newbie - Got a wild wind buffeting problem

    Problems / Dealer Service
    :) Hey everybody! I'm new here and look forward to settling into this commander forum for some good info swapping. I bought a new 2007 commander the first part of this year. It was a demo with only 1200 miles on it and I love it, BUT, I got this problem...... At 35+ miles per hour, with the...