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  1. General Commander Discussion
    What is the round peice that sits on the front u-joint and why isn't it on any of the after market steel rear drive shafts?
  2. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hey guys I just picked up a 2007 Commander Sport about a week ago. So far I'm loving everything about my Commander excluding the cheap radio someone installed. My question is what do I need to purchase in order to replace the aftermarket radio with a stock Chrysler radio? Also if this after...
  3. Regular Service / Maintenance
    Seems, it's time to repair the front diff. All these bearings, shims, spacers and so on. I found in the catalogs that a company called Crown sells the parts 3 times cheaper than the Mopar. Unfortunately, I don't have an experience in handling with the Crown's parts. Does anybody have? Is it...
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    hey everyone i need a OEM 2007 commander passenger mirror w/memory, heat, that is black plastic w/ no paint? anyone know where to get my hands on one of those badboys? thanks everyone!
1-4 of 4 Results