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  1. Logging roads and Jeep trails

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Are logging roads, Jeep trails and other legal remote non-paved, non-maintained roads on the DVDs? One route that has really peeked my interest is the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route - it is a 1,500 mile route from CA to WA through OR which follows original wagon train routes from the...
  2. Ohio Commander Owners meet (4/6/2013)

    Trail Runs / Meet & Greets
    So Ive talked to a few other members on the forums about meeting up one day at one of the only 2 legal offroad areas in ohio: Southington Offroad Park and Yankee Lake. To get to the point I am setting a date for anyone, but not limited to, in Ohio. My plan is to have everyone meet at Southington...
  3. XK off road videos

    Picture / Media Post
    Here some stuff from this years East Coast Camp Commander
  4. why is it bad to go over 2.5" of lift?

    Suspension / Lifts
    So I had once heard that it is bad to go over 2.5" of lift because it hurts the drive train? or powertrain? or something. can someone clarify as to why? i dont understand. why would a 4" super lift be fine then? Friend has a 2.75" spacer lift now. And want more lift, just dont want to pay 1800...
  5. Anybody know what the part in the red box is called?

    Picture / Media Post
    Anybody know what this bumper or bull bar is called.
  6. Does anyone know of any good trails near Chicago?

    Trail Runs / Meet & Greets
    The only closest rideable trails I found are in Indiana but I was hoping to find something closer to the city for a spurt of the moment thing.
  7. Commander 3.7L Performance Mods

    Performance Modifications
    Ok still learning about my Jeep Commander. I just got into the whole off road thing. I am wanting suggestions of what to do performance wise. I just threw on a 2.5 inch lift and K&N Air Intake. I was looking at the Airaid Throttle body spacer. I noticed one site said that it wouldn't work with...
  8. Went offroading:video

    Picture / Media Post
    I went off roading again a month ago but havent had time to post a video yet, but just put it up on youtube and its now running.