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  1. Suggestions on Hemi mods

    Programmers/Engine Mods
    I just joined this page now I’ve been on here looking into stuff I have had my Hemi Commander for about 4 months . I’ve so far just threw a CAI & straight pipped the exhaust but I’m Looking for more power gains to smoke my friends when we get together and line up our rides , so I’m looking to...
  2. Porting and Polishing Hemi Throttle Body

    Performance Modifications
    Over the weekend, I decided to pull out my rotary tool, pull off my throttle body, and port and polish it myself. I've seen a lot of people installing ported and polished throttle bodies on their Commanders, but there aren't many write ups on how to actually port and polish one, so I thought I...
  3. New Owner Here! Looking for advice from a Commander expert!

    General Commander Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently replaced my 2000 Ford Excursion v10 with a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited. The Commander has the 5.7L Hemi, and I was expecting to get better gas mileage on the Commander than what I was getting on the Excursion but I am not. I am currently getting 11.7 MPG. I should have...
  4. Wynn's miracle

    Performance Modifications
    My truck is about 60K miles and I occasionally discovered that it emits some black smoke on acceleration (mine engine is CRD 3.0) and sometimes on idle. I decided to clean the fuel and air intake systems with Wynn's chemicals, namely Dieslel EGR 3 (for air intake system, egr and turbo) and...
  5. FS: Jet Chip Stage 2 Performance Chip for 4.7 Motor

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hi I'm Andrew and I'm selling my Jet Chip Stage 2 Performance Chip. Get The info from Remember this is the Stage 2, you must run 91 and at least have a flowmaster. This came off my 06 Jeep Commander had it on for 2 months. Still has factory warranty. E-mail me with any questions...
  6. Commander 3.7L Performance Mods

    Performance Modifications
    Ok still learning about my Jeep Commander. I just got into the whole off road thing. I am wanting suggestions of what to do performance wise. I just threw on a 2.5 inch lift and K&N Air Intake. I was looking at the Airaid Throttle body spacer. I noticed one site said that it wouldn't work with...