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  1. Short Forum Brag Session & Suspension Finds/Fixes

    General Commander Discussion
    Hello again guys.. It's been a long time since my last post. Just wanted to start by thanking the moderators and members for keeping this forum alive. You guys rock!!! I absolutely love my jeep as much as any other Jeep owner on this site. I've been able to resolve so many issues with the...
  2. Sun Roof Question

    Problems / Dealer Service
    In short....Can someone with a sunroof take a similar picture as the one in this thread and post below? I have a rattling problem and I think it might be that the plastic pieces that the red arrows are pointing to, should be touching. Any and all help is very much appreciated.
  3. Sunroof Rattle Question??

    Problems / Dealer Service
    About 3 months ago, my sunroof was leaking, so I brought it into the dealership and after $500 they fixed the problem. Now, I seem to notice that with the sunroof closed, it seems to make a rattling sound. When I have the sunroof tilted up, the pieces of plastic on the edges don't seem to stay...