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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any major issues since they have had the N23 recall fix? We had a great vehicle before the fix. After the fix the vehicle would stall and had a pulsating idle. Which we brought back to the dealer for repair. After a little research it was apparent...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    I have a 2006 Commander with the Hemi. It has 103,000 miles now. I had the recent transmission module recall service completed. I also had the dealer inspect the transmission and asked if it needed new filters or fluid. They did, and said the transmission was "checked and ok" after the service...
  3. Problems / Dealer Service
    Service 4wd system - after recall flash Recall flash for transfer case failed. Had done at dealer. Then no 4Lo. Service 4WD System error. See Jeep Forum for extensive discussion and PDF for correct flash procedure. . Had 4lo before and now gone. Jeep dealer wants $220 to check/diagnose the...
1-3 of 3 Results