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  1. Tough Question: UPGRADE to 5-Button/Sentry Key with Remote Start

    Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have a Mopar add-on remote start system installed in my vehicle by the previous owner and/or the factory in some fashion. Works properly, learns new remote fobs (borrow one from a dodge Durango that had the OEM remote starter) and it works without incident... However, when I purchased the...
  2. Remote Start - Not Starting 2007 Jeep Commander Limited

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I have a 2007 Jeep Commander Limited, with remote start. The remote start is doing everything but starting. By that I mean, it will lock the doors, flash the lights and sound the horn but won't start. Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful. --zfranklin
  3. Mopar remote start issues

    General Commander Discussion
    Hello everyone, I own a 2006 Commander Limited Hemi. It has a dealer installed Mopar remote start unit. I bought the car used. During a remote start, the instrument panel will come alive (normal), vehicle starts (normal), then the instrument panel goes completely dead with no lights or...
  4. Remote Start

    Interior Appearance Modifications
    Has anyone had a remote starter put in thier XK yet?? Other than the Mopar unit?? I know that Code Alarm makes the Mopar unit and they sell one for a lot less that they claim will work. Just not sure if I'm ready to void my warranty 5 months in.:eek: