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  1. Suspension / Lifts
    Hello all, so I decided to get the Bilstein B8 5100s front and rear shocks too. From what I know, the front on the highest setting will lift 2" and the rear will lift 1.5". Am I able to add the RC 2" lift spacers on these without any issues? Also, what springs should I run on the front struts...
  2. Suspension / Lifts
    I'm installing a 2 inch Rough Country leveling kit on my Commander soon. I need recommendations on the best size of wheel spacers to use along with applicable largest off-road tires size. Any other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Suspension / Lifts
    i just installed a 2" RC lift kit on my 07 commander. I also installed Monroe Quik Struts and Powerstop brske kit (Calipers,rotors & pads). I also replaced both front axle shafts. I now have a clicking noise coming from drivers side on acceleration. Please help! don't know whats wrong any advice...
  4. Suspension / Lifts
    First off, thanks to all members for their info and threads. This forum had everything needed to help make my decision when to came to lifts and tires. I finally got my lift installed and had new tires put on here recently. I went with the Rough Country because I didnt want to go extreme on the...
1-4 of 4 Results