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  1. Rough Country 2 inch lift recomendations

    Suspension / Lifts
    I'm installing a 2 inch Rough Country leveling kit on my Commander soon. I need recommendations on the best size of wheel spacers to use along with applicable largest off-road tires size. Any other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Question for lifted XKs: Long term effects of 2" lift?

    Suspension / Lifts
    Hey guys. I just want to get a pulse from owners who've had their XKs lifted for quite some time now, particularly those who are just running a spacer lift. Have there been any long term effects on your XK? Any added stress to your CV joints? Ball joints? Etc. Are spacer lifts ok for long term...
  3. Rusty's 1/4" Level Spacer. Pics?

    Suspension / Lifts
    I'm just planning ahead and curious if someone has any pics of a Commander with Rusty's 1/4" leveling spacers only, no lift kit. My goal is to keep my XK and run it to the ground while keeping it family oriented. My previous XK had a 2" lift kit and I loved the look but this one I'm...
  4. Lifted commander on a budget

    Exterior Appearance Mods
    Recently purchased an 06 commander 4.7L and decided to lift and level it and get some bigger tires to fill the gaps. I went with the Rough Country 2" coil spacer lift around $200 shipped to Canada. 1.5" wheel spacers to get the 255/75 R17's some room. Spacers were about $150 and I scored my...
  5. Best lift kit for jeep commander

    Suspension / Lifts
    I have a 08 stock jeep commander. What is the best lift kit for it? And also my friend said spacers are bad because your car can come apart or something? Whats the deal with that? I want to put some tires on also, how many inches of lift will i need for 32 x 10.5 inch tires? Will the stock...
  6. Choosing a lift

    Suspension / Lifts
    So, I need help choosing a lift, I want something prrtty much cheep and easy that will get me some extra space underneath me while im off road... Im thinking of rockyroad 2.25in lift but dont know if I absolutly need to get new shocks, can I just slap on the $200 spacers and be done with it...
  7. WTB 1.5" Spidertrax spacers

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some used 1.5" Spidertrax spacers, 5 x 5. Well, they don't have to be used, they just need to be the right price. Just so I don't waste anyone's time and nobody wastes mine, I'm looking for something around the $100 (depending on shape) range shipped. They would...
  8. Wheel Spacers Q & A (If you have a question, post it here)

    Wheels / Tires
    Anyone using the 1.25” wheel adapter with the stock rims and 265/70R17’s know how much clearance they have to the steering knuckle? If you do, could you measure it? I would be grateful… I’ll come over and mow your yard! I’m considering a Centerline Wheel, the “Stingray III” 17x8” with a 5”...