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  1. General Commander Discussion
    Just got off the phone with two dealers local to me. Both said the same thing: All OEM starters for our cars are reman now, as they (Chrysler) don't make them new anymore. Has anyone else heard this? I'm on the hunt for one (TODAY), and I got them to discount it by nearly $100 after some polite...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    Back Again, with more insight on what I've read to be a common issue with not only the commander but Grand Cherokee of the same year (06-07). I've had on-going starting issues for well over a year. Very intermittent and random. The Jeep would go 3 months no issue then walk out to go to work in...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    2 hours before starting a trip, went to start, all the usual dash self check lights come on, turn to the start, and no start, at the airport now, and can't troubleshoot until I return in October. I have not searched the threads yet, but will over the next 3 months. I wanted to get this started...
1-3 of 3 Results