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  1. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have a 2008 3.7 with the factory back up camera. I wanted to know if its possible to connect the factory back up camera to a after market head unit. Like a adapter from the factory wiring to composite video connector.
  2. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Much like most of you that have experienced the stereo going dead and searching for the reason I have found the secret fuse that is related to the stereo. Originally I could not find the reason why my stereo was not working and I replaced the 30amp under the dash even though it wasn't blown...
  3. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    Hey guys I just picked up a 2007 Commander Sport about a week ago. So far I'm loving everything about my Commander excluding the cheap radio someone installed. My question is what do I need to purchase in order to replace the aftermarket radio with a stock Chrysler radio? Also if this after...
  4. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have a 2007 Commander with the Boston Acoustics system in it. This is the one with the Sat ready, 6-disk changer, with MP3 playback capability. It is not the MyGig system and does not have an AUX input for an MP3 player. I added one about a year ago on my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix with the XM...
  5. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I just bought a used 06 jeep commander. It is the 65th anniversary edition with some upgrades from the sport trim line. Does this upgrade include speakers? I am installing an aftermarket system and need to know what wiring harness to get. I did not see any tags on the speaker grills that say...
  6. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Perfect condition. $125. Feel free to ask questions.
  7. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    I have a kenwood amp that I need to mount somewhere. I don't want it on the sub box because I want to quickly be able to unplug it to make room for other stuff/back row seat. And I don't want in on the back of a seat because it can get damaged when I pack the trunk. One idea I had is the panel...
1-7 of 7 Results