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  1. Will stock JKU suspension replace stock XK suspension?

    General Commander Discussion
    First time poster! I have a 2008 Hemi XK overland with old creaking suspension. I have a free suspension that just came off a JKU that was lifted. Will these springs and arms fit my XK? Thanks!!
  2. Death Wobbles 55+ mph

    General Commander Discussion
    G'day ladies n gents, 2008 5.7 Limited 4X4 I've had death wobbles for about nine months now. When I first bought it in November of 2019, I don't remember experiencing death wobbles, but I do remember it progressively worsening since January 2020 to now. I knew I needed new shocks, and I...
  3. Towing question for newbie tower.

    General Commander Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am looking at towing a 25' center console boat with my 2006 4x2 Commander that has the 5.7 Hemi. The boat with trailer, gas, and supplies will be around 6300 lbs. My plan is to only tow the boat from the storage yard to the boat ramps here in Seminole, FL which will be 5-10...
  4. Knock on suspension - Don't know what it is

    Suspension / Lifts
    Hi All I have a Commander 2007 CRD. Awesome vehicle. I bought it about 2 years back and Ive done around 40 000 km on it. Since Ive had it its had a knocking/loose sound on the front suspension when I go over bumps. It sounded at first as though it was the shocks, so I had those replaced. The...
  5. "popping" sound the unibody

    Suspension / Lifts
    coilovers & problems with the unibody For anyone thinking about coilovers for there XK. I was researching coilover conversions for the XK, and talked with King. Apparently after installing the coilovers... there is a popping sound during onroad/ everyday driving. It is said to come from the...
  6. **06 commander 3.7l v6 39,500 miles**

    Vehicles for Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I have for sale my 2006 Jeep Commander Black Sport Edition. ***LOW PRICE FOR QUICK SALE*** -2.25" Rocky Road Lift -3/8" Rustys Plate -265/70/17 SSR 70 Super Swamper Radial TSL -17" Cragar Soft 8 Rims -Black Window Visors In Every Window (not the cheap tape on ones) -Premium Boston Acoustic...
  7. Front Suspension Noise

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Fairly new here..just got a used 2007 4.7L Commander with about 39K on it. I've had some issues with the front driver's side suspension making loud noises (esp when cold) when going over speed bumps, stopping, and hitting small bumps in the road. I still have the truck on a 100% paid 30 day...
  8. Name that broken part?

    Suspension / Lifts
    For the last few weeks I've noticed a groaning noise from the front driver-side tire. At first I thought it was low on air and I was getting some side tread road noise, but that wasn't it... The noise is totally gone when going around a left turn (weight is on the passenger side), and amplified...
  9. New Struts For Front End

    Suspension / Lifts
    Anyone know of a company that makes heavy duty struts for the XK? Looking to replace the stock struts on my front end with something a bit more beefy.