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  1. Beef up the rear suspension???

    Suspension / Lifts
    Hey folks. I need some advice from someone who knows... What's the best way to beef up the rear suspension on my 06 Commander? 'Don't want to jack it up, but need to prevent the sag when I hook up our 22' camping trailer. Anyone been there, done that? Thanks in advance. Mackle
  2. ball hitch stuck in receiver

    General Commander Discussion
    I have a 2007 commander and when i bought it the ball was already in there, I'm guessing the pervious owner put it in and never took it out. will 7.5 years later its now my problem. it is pretty rusted and living in canada doesn't help either! I have tried everything and I'm stumped I have...
  3. FS: Commander Trailer Tow Wiring Harness Kit

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Mopar OEM Jeep Commander Trailer Tow Wiring Harness Kit for sale Price New $104-115 Now only $50 shipped CONUS and it is still new. Install Guide This wiring harness kit from Mopar is custom fit to Daimler-Chrysler Corporation wiring specifications. Mopar wire connectors minimize the need...
  4. Trailer harness issue

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Ok so I Have been searching for over an hr now trying to make sure I am not asking a duplicate question and haven't found anything so here goes... I have an 06 Commander with factory tow package... I have all outputs at my trailer harness except taillights. all others work on both the 4 and 7...
  5. towing with the hemi

    General Commander Discussion
    i have a 2007 or 2008 commander (don't remember which) with the hemi and the factory tow package. the two things i'd like to know are 1. did anyone have to put in a fuse that was not already there so that the trailer batteries were charged while driving? i read a story that ford did not...
  6. F/s 06-07 oem commander trailer tow wire harness - brand new

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    F/S 06-07 oem commander trailer tow wire harness kit - brand new I ordered the wrong wire harness by accident for my 06 Grand Cherokee - PART# 82209766AB -Will work only with 2007 Jeep Commander equipped with 4WD and 4.7L or 5.7L engine only. Will work with all 2006 Jeep Commanders. -...
  7. Trailer lights got me stumped. Any Ideas?

    General Commander Discussion
    trailer wiring hi all i bought a 2007 commander without a hitch or wiring to pull a trailer. i got a factory hitch from eBay but had to go to the stealer for the harness i got the 7 prong one put it on per the instructions and went back to the stealer to have the computer forward...