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  1. Thanksgiving mud hole 2008

    Picture / Media Post
    went through this a couple times, in 4wd low, and esp button held for 10+ sec. (fully turned off). my 2nd pass, i went to fast and stalled the engine right in the middle... water in the intake. took a couple minutes to get it started again. (kinda scary) but got it started and drove out...
  2. 11/22/08 Going to Wickenburg, AZ today

    Trail Runs / Meet & Greets
    anyone wanna join? going out to box canyon. start a camp fire, making pizzas and smores! leaving here around 11am. Great relaxing time in the beautiful out-doors! ... might be to cold now for swimsuits...
  3. Playing in Box Canyon

    Picture / Media Post
    Pictures from this weekend. The weather was beautiful!